A Second Chance at Redemption

Season 4: Episode #6

Starring: Rhygar, Abacus, 106, Gilbert
Date: 6th Eyre 999YK

Season 4: Episode #5
A Steel Tide

Starring: Rhygar, Abacus, 106
Featuring: Jay Vitale, Lucius Vitale, Gunnar Kai
Date: 3rd Eyre 999YK
Loot: 1000gp

A gala aboard the Empress, a floating ship above Sharn. A new art exhibit is the setting for a political announcement. Unfortunately both are cut short due to a terror attack by a group of warforged out for justice for all warforged. The ship crashes into a House Cannith Enclave. In a Creation Forge, 106 is swayed by the other warforged, and leaves his friends behind.

Season 4: Episode #4
Dust to Dust

Starring: Rhygar, Abacus, Anedra
Featuring: Pyra, Lord Xalagaz
Date: 24-28th Therendor 999YK
Loot: The Symbiont

Season 4: Episode #3
A Twisted Sun

Starring: Rhygar, 106, Edron
Date: 24-28th Therendor 999YK
Loot: Bards Blade, 200gp
Clues: The halfling tribesmen had holes in the head, and appeared the have nothing inside.

Season 4: Episode #2
Sands of Time

Starring: Abacus, Rhygar, 106, Anedra, Edron
Featuring: Iria d’Orien, Paldron Narvos
Date: 24th – 25th Therendor 999YK
Loot: 690 gp

After so many months, Carl, the entrepreneur brings good news that the jetpack the RDM invested in is ready and is paid off. They head to the bank to collect their royalties. 106 can’t enter because there’s a bouncer outside the bank restricting the access of any warforged. 106 decides to investigate by peering over a wall, witnessing a rally and a poster of Justice Gunner Kai on the wall. The RDM collect 100 gold from their investments, and bump into Iria d’Orien, who asks the mercenaries for their help. She wants us to retrieve a man named Perran who was exhiled from Karnath from the lightning rail train at Galohold station. They head to the nearest station and hop a train.

They arrive in Gatherhold, a small town in the desert next to a lake. The enclave at the house Orien is across town. Along the way, Edron stops into a local bar to talk to the bartender while 106 and Rhygar check out the train station. Abacus heads into the tent village and is taken in by a hospitible, friendly halfling woman. 106, Rhygar and Edron buy tickets for the next train to Karnath, which they presume Perran to be on. Before the train arrives, Rhygar changes into a mechanic to see if he can learn from other workers how to detach a rail car so that they can go along with their plan to extract Perran from the train. Edron overhears two halflings talking about Teefling (Devil men) while paying a man to have horses meet up with us at the rendezvous point. The train arrives, and they all get aboard. Abacus sits in first class with 106 a couple of rows away. Edron, not knowing 106 bought tickets, sneaks on board the train with the two halflings he met, but they turn on him knock him unconscious. Rhygar changes into a conductor and checks everyone’s tickets. He see Perran sleeping on the train.

Jori, one of the halflings tie up Edron in the storage car, while Abacus and 106 make their way on top of the train and prepare their surprise attack. Rhygar enters the room as a minstrel as a misdirection, while 106 detatches the storage car private caboose so that Perran is no longer attached to the train. 106 and Abacus then enter the car with Edron and begin fighting the halflings trying to save Edron. Rhygar and Abacus are fucking awesome and kill Jori and the beastly man that entered the room to fight the RDM. The chase one of the halflings who’s carrying Perran onto the train, where he pulls a parachute and is flown off the train onto the ground. The RDM notice that the other halflings were wearing backpacks, so they put them on a parachute off the train as well and meet up with the halfling and Perran. 106 kills him and start talking to Perran.

Shortly after, a Teefling and a half-ling appear and start attacking the mercenaries. The halfling turns out to be Paldron Narvos, Edron’s cousin from the Plains. Paladron shortly notices this and stops fighting, but takes off immediately. The mercenaries return Perran back to D’Orien in Sharn and are granted 400 gold.

Season 4: Episode #1
The Babysitter's Club

Starring: Abacus, 106, Anedra
Featuring: Jay Vitale, Lucius Vitale
Date: 18th Therendor 999YK
Loot: 300gp

At the Red Door Inn, a man named Lucius Vitale approaches the Red Door Mecenaries. He tells that some people are looking to find and kill his nephew, Jay. He asks the RDM to babysit him until his bodyguards arrive. The RDM reluctantly agree and take the skycoach to the depths lead by Rubio to meet Joey at a sleezy pub.

At the bar, Anedra pays the barkeep for any info on Joey and the reason people want him dead, while Abacus and 106 chat with Jay. They eventually leave the bar and head to another tavern with an animal fighting stage (Abacus joins Joey on a bet for the fight). During the fight, the RDM notice people eyeing Jay from the other end of the bar. A dwarf is seen making a nod of his head, and soon enough chaos erupts as a crossbow bolt impales 106. A human grabs Jay by the collar and the RDM start defending themselves, as well as trying to protect Jay at the same time (not an easy task). Anedra battles an orc-like creature while Abacus and 106 fight off a small but very powerful gnome assassin.

After a tough slog, the gnome appears victorious by grabbing Jay and dragging him to the kitchen. 106 smashes through the kitchen wall while Abacus and Anedra chase after the gnome around the back. The three eventually deliver the final blow to the gnome and rescue Jay for a sum of gold. Jay is frustrated at the RDM for doing a poor babysitting job, but out of respect orders them a round of drinks.

Gold inventory: 479

Season 3: Episode #X
The HMS Dread Spectre
Season 3: Episode #7
Avanzal, City of the Dead

Starring: 106, Abacus, Gilbert
Featuring: Kora Ipsum, Dr. Daniil Saveli
Date: 25th Olarune 999YK
Loot: Curse of the Shadow, Nightfalcon Sword, The Focus

Dr. Daniil Saveli asks met up with the RDM to ask for them to inspect the city of Avanzel: The City of the Dead. The RDM head out, guzzle down a zombie potion given by Saveli, and arrive into Avanzel, only to discover a dark looming cloud overhead. The bump into Kora Ipsum, upon where she unleashes undead minions towards the RDM. Gilbert clears a fiery path through the undead zombies, while 106 dumps tar and ignites the zombies. They head towards the heart of the city below the cellars of the streets. The heart was an ancient dragon city that held many large dragons and large artifacts. They spot Kora at the top of a platform. She unleashes more undead zombies, as well as a giant 10ft zombie and they do battle.

Upon battle, broken down warforged are risen and begin to fight the Mercenaries. After defeating the undead, the RDM are succommed to one more wave of attack, this time by the skeletal remains of Avanzel, the evil Dragon for which the city is named. A mysterious orb appears on the platform next to Kora. After a harsh battle, Gilbert finally delivers the final Bigby’s Icy grip death blow, killing both Kora and Avanzel. The RDM then smash the orb, and the dark looming cloud disappears, as well as the undead and risen warforged, and the town is restored.

Season 3: Episode #6
Dawn of the Dead

Starring: Edron, 106, Rhygar
Featuring: Kora Ipsum, Zhakar
Date: 21st – 25th Olarune 999YK
Loot: 110gp + Antique silver plates + Circlet of Second Chances
Clues: Zhakar thanked 106 for killing him, said he’d lived another life, that this one was torture. Rhygar suggested that Zorlan was using souls of humans and other mortals to animate the warforged.

SO Kora’s a bitch, let me tell you why…

We heard of rumors of undead warriors roaming the land of Breland in the night. Kora was summoning an army.
We heard she was planning on massing the army to Baran’s Keep, in an attempt to acquire an ancient necromantic artifact in the basement of the Keep. 100’s of zombies stormed the town. We built fortifications and traps in an attempt to stop the army, trained the citizens to fight, and gave inspiring speeches, but were pushed back to the keep to hold off the army. Once they breached, we were attacked by Kora’s second hand man, Zhakar, a ghostly apparition and an undead wolf. Edron nearly had his soul devoured by the wraith, but was saved at the last minute. We deafeated the creatures, however Kora escaped with the artifact, unharmed. What a bitch. We got some gold, and some loot, but Kora will be killed soon.

Season 3: Episode #5
Have a Ball!

Starring: Gilbert, Abacus, 106, Rhygar
Featuring: Izaak D’Cannith, Zorlan D’Cannith
Date: 11th – 18th Olarune 999YK
Loot: Woundstitch Powder, Improved Adamantine Plating
Clues: Map, two sketches

Izaak returns to the Red Door Inn and asks for a favour of the RDM. He asks to investigate more into his Uncle Zorlan, who may or may not be ressurecting old warforged illegaly. He mentions a high class party taking place in the Mithral Towers next week. The RDM accepts the offer and waits for the night of the party. Upon entering the fancy party, Gilbert heads straight to the bar, while 106 heads off to chat with the two warforged “bodyguards” that are standing close to Zorlan. Abacus goes to Zorlan and mentions a small R&D enterprise he runs outside of Sharn, and that Abacus is interested in investing in some of the items that are displayed on circular platforms thoughout the hall. Rhygar mingles with the guests and is introduced to August, mage of The Twelve that discusses the military-style looking gadgets on one particular platform, as well as possibly investing in a few items. Rhygar soon walks off in secret and changes into a security guard to blend in with the others.

After talking to the warforged and suspecting they were built after the war, 106 is approached by a man named Grigor Stefan and mentions that he is an inventor/creator of the Fabricator’s Guild. He’s a loose-tongued little man that mentioned (possibly by accident) that he suspects Zorlan might be a member of the Blood of Vol, a quasi-legal religion found in parts of Karrnath.

Gilbert, quite tanked at this moment, heads upstairs into a private room pretending to think it was the restroom. 106 and Abacus reconvene and decide to invest 250 gold in a jet-pack like gadget to show interest in Zorlan’s work, but also to understand him more. 106 then notices that many of the crowd have left through the back entrance, he takes Abacus and both follow. They get to the staircase where Gilbert is standing with the security guard, not knowing it’s actually Rhygar. Rhygar is taking Gilbert away for being too drunk, but before doing so, 106 is not pleased with his actions and lands his fist in the guards’ face. Suddenly a warforged guard yells down the stairs for the guard to come up and help with a situation. Rhygar books it upstairs, dropping Gilbert’s scotch in the process. Gilbert with Puff, Abacus and 106 slowly follow behind, but Rhygar hears them approach and warns the guards and Zorlan, who is in the boardroom upstairs. Once upstairs, the RDM begin to battle two warforged, some guards, and Zorlan. Rhygar instead acts to protect the host by looking like August the mage and pretending to fend off the RDM.

They continue battling when Zorlan takes a grenade shown on display downstairs and throws it across the room, causing the floor to collapse and the crew landing on the glass floor balcony downstairs, which continues to break away slowly while they stand up and finish the battle. Rhygar shows how fucking awesome he is by sliding under one the warforged’s legs, knifing the glass below him, and breaking it away under its feet. Unfortunately the ‘forged shifts in time to prevent falling to it death. The other warforged Idris begins to push 106 out of the window. 106 is clinging on for life while Idris speaks of being the end to all his pain. 106 swings out into the void, dangling by only an arm, breaking free of Idris’ grasp. The deranged warforged then falls to his death, while Zorlan runs away. The RDM then book it off the glass balcony that’s about to give way, and recover after an intense battle back at the Inn.


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