A Second Chance at Redemption

Season 2: Episode #4

The Chase is On...

Starring: 106, Edron, Abacus
Featuring: Vartan Taniel, Corentin Psothy
Date: 22nd Vult 998YK

106, Edron and Abacus headed to see Vartan Taniel, a local breeder of clawfeet, to ask more about clawfeet and a little about Splug, the goblin leader of the Quiet Folk gang. After leaving, they headed into Sharn to ask the locals more about Splug or any history of kidnapping or mischief by Splug’s minions.

Upon talking, they noticed some guys following them. 106 camouflageed in garbage, Edron hid behind a box, and Abacus blened in with the locals, “Assassin’s Creed” style. Eventually they ambushed them and went into battle. The team landed some good blows and throws to the gang, but were all knocked out unconscious in the end by a one-sided battle.

They awoke dazed, bloodied and armourless in a dark, cavernous room. 5 hunters riding in with masks on clawfeet rode into the room and noticed Edron walking dazed. They went to prod him harshly where Abacus and 106 steathly knocked off two of the hunters and put on their attire to attempt to blend in with the hunters. Abacus recognized one of the hunters as Vartan. Abacus attempted to bluff for Edron’s safety, but was recognized immediately.

The other hunters started chasing the three into the magma caverns nearby where Abacus knocks a hunter and two clawfeet into the magma pit below, and 106 just destroys a wall and staircase with 2 sticks of TNT and knocks a man to his feet. Abacus, 106 and Edron get up and interrogate the man. His name is Corentin Psothy, a hunter of man for sport. He knows nothing of Splug and his gang, and quickly becomes useless to the three, apart from 106 taking yet another finger for his necklace collection. Corentin is further interrogated and lead the team to his mansion.



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