A Second Chance at Redemption

Season 3: Episode #5

Have a Ball!

Starring: Gilbert, Abacus, 106, Rhygar
Featuring: Izaak D’Cannith, Zorlan D’Cannith
Date: 11th – 18th Olarune 999YK
Loot: Woundstitch Powder, Improved Adamantine Plating
Clues: Map, two sketches

Izaak returns to the Red Door Inn and asks for a favour of the RDM. He asks to investigate more into his Uncle Zorlan, who may or may not be ressurecting old warforged illegaly. He mentions a high class party taking place in the Mithral Towers next week. The RDM accepts the offer and waits for the night of the party. Upon entering the fancy party, Gilbert heads straight to the bar, while 106 heads off to chat with the two warforged “bodyguards” that are standing close to Zorlan. Abacus goes to Zorlan and mentions a small R&D enterprise he runs outside of Sharn, and that Abacus is interested in investing in some of the items that are displayed on circular platforms thoughout the hall. Rhygar mingles with the guests and is introduced to August, mage of The Twelve that discusses the military-style looking gadgets on one particular platform, as well as possibly investing in a few items. Rhygar soon walks off in secret and changes into a security guard to blend in with the others.

After talking to the warforged and suspecting they were built after the war, 106 is approached by a man named Grigor Stefan and mentions that he is an inventor/creator of the Fabricator’s Guild. He’s a loose-tongued little man that mentioned (possibly by accident) that he suspects Zorlan might be a member of the Blood of Vol, a quasi-legal religion found in parts of Karrnath.

Gilbert, quite tanked at this moment, heads upstairs into a private room pretending to think it was the restroom. 106 and Abacus reconvene and decide to invest 250 gold in a jet-pack like gadget to show interest in Zorlan’s work, but also to understand him more. 106 then notices that many of the crowd have left through the back entrance, he takes Abacus and both follow. They get to the staircase where Gilbert is standing with the security guard, not knowing it’s actually Rhygar. Rhygar is taking Gilbert away for being too drunk, but before doing so, 106 is not pleased with his actions and lands his fist in the guards’ face. Suddenly a warforged guard yells down the stairs for the guard to come up and help with a situation. Rhygar books it upstairs, dropping Gilbert’s scotch in the process. Gilbert with Puff, Abacus and 106 slowly follow behind, but Rhygar hears them approach and warns the guards and Zorlan, who is in the boardroom upstairs. Once upstairs, the RDM begin to battle two warforged, some guards, and Zorlan. Rhygar instead acts to protect the host by looking like August the mage and pretending to fend off the RDM.

They continue battling when Zorlan takes a grenade shown on display downstairs and throws it across the room, causing the floor to collapse and the crew landing on the glass floor balcony downstairs, which continues to break away slowly while they stand up and finish the battle. Rhygar shows how fucking awesome he is by sliding under one the warforged’s legs, knifing the glass below him, and breaking it away under its feet. Unfortunately the ‘forged shifts in time to prevent falling to it death. The other warforged Idris begins to push 106 out of the window. 106 is clinging on for life while Idris speaks of being the end to all his pain. 106 swings out into the void, dangling by only an arm, breaking free of Idris’ grasp. The deranged warforged then falls to his death, while Zorlan runs away. The RDM then book it off the glass balcony that’s about to give way, and recover after an intense battle back at the Inn.



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