A Second Chance at Redemption

Season 3: Episode #7

Avanzal, City of the Dead

Starring: 106, Abacus, Gilbert
Featuring: Kora Ipsum, Dr. Daniil Saveli
Date: 25th Olarune 999YK
Loot: Curse of the Shadow, Nightfalcon Sword, The Focus

Dr. Daniil Saveli asks met up with the RDM to ask for them to inspect the city of Avanzel: The City of the Dead. The RDM head out, guzzle down a zombie potion given by Saveli, and arrive into Avanzel, only to discover a dark looming cloud overhead. The bump into Kora Ipsum, upon where she unleashes undead minions towards the RDM. Gilbert clears a fiery path through the undead zombies, while 106 dumps tar and ignites the zombies. They head towards the heart of the city below the cellars of the streets. The heart was an ancient dragon city that held many large dragons and large artifacts. They spot Kora at the top of a platform. She unleashes more undead zombies, as well as a giant 10ft zombie and they do battle.

Upon battle, broken down warforged are risen and begin to fight the Mercenaries. After defeating the undead, the RDM are succommed to one more wave of attack, this time by the skeletal remains of Avanzel, the evil Dragon for which the city is named. A mysterious orb appears on the platform next to Kora. After a harsh battle, Gilbert finally delivers the final Bigby’s Icy grip death blow, killing both Kora and Avanzel. The RDM then smash the orb, and the dark looming cloud disappears, as well as the undead and risen warforged, and the town is restored.



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