A Second Chance at Redemption

Season 4: Episode #1

The Babysitter's Club

Starring: Abacus, 106, Anedra
Featuring: Jay Vitale, Lucius Vitale
Date: 18th Therendor 999YK
Loot: 300gp

At the Red Door Inn, a man named Lucius Vitale approaches the Red Door Mecenaries. He tells that some people are looking to find and kill his nephew, Jay. He asks the RDM to babysit him until his bodyguards arrive. The RDM reluctantly agree and take the skycoach to the depths lead by Rubio to meet Joey at a sleezy pub.

At the bar, Anedra pays the barkeep for any info on Joey and the reason people want him dead, while Abacus and 106 chat with Jay. They eventually leave the bar and head to another tavern with an animal fighting stage (Abacus joins Joey on a bet for the fight). During the fight, the RDM notice people eyeing Jay from the other end of the bar. A dwarf is seen making a nod of his head, and soon enough chaos erupts as a crossbow bolt impales 106. A human grabs Jay by the collar and the RDM start defending themselves, as well as trying to protect Jay at the same time (not an easy task). Anedra battles an orc-like creature while Abacus and 106 fight off a small but very powerful gnome assassin.

After a tough slog, the gnome appears victorious by grabbing Jay and dragging him to the kitchen. 106 smashes through the kitchen wall while Abacus and Anedra chase after the gnome around the back. The three eventually deliver the final blow to the gnome and rescue Jay for a sum of gold. Jay is frustrated at the RDM for doing a poor babysitting job, but out of respect orders them a round of drinks.

Gold inventory: 479



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