Abacus grew up in the small city of Lathleer, Aundair. His real name is Aelidan Bacus Rhyder. He was born to an ill elf mother and an abusive human father. He was nicknamed Abacus later at school because he was very smart for his age; soon he came to be known as Abacus Rhyder by all (sometimes Abacus of Aundair). His family, parents, uncles, aunts, and the Rhyder family name for that matter was filled with drugs, insanity and abusiveness. When he was 6, his mother committed suicide, and was raised alone by his father who would beat and hit him on a daiy basis. Later in school, he met his best friend, Jolen Geets, who gave Abacus that moniker. Abacus was a very smart and short boy for his age, which made him the target of much bullying, especially from Wahrlk Thamson, the lead bully two years older and two times bigger than Abacus. After making fun of Abacus mother, they started having a large fight.

Abacus soon ran away from home and the town of Lathleer to make a new life. He went to Breland where he made scanty living as a carpenter and blacksmith under the expert smith, Baldemar Steelbynd. Baldemar taught Abacus how to build and repair swords and armour, as well as how to fight, lead, and show honour. By 21 he was a well-skilled craftsman and swordsman. Baldemar soon after passed away from old age and left Abacus with a small medallion that he continues wearing on around his neck to this day. The medallion is a symbol of honour, loyalty and leadership passed on from the Steelbynd family. Abacus thought of Baldemar has his true father – the father he wished he had.

Shortly after Baldemar died, Abacus enlisted in the in Breland Military services where he showed great aptitude in leadership, tactics and strategy building. He fought as sergeant, then as Liuetenant in many battles and won numerous medals. He was discharged at 31 for making a sacrifice in the battle of Talenta Plains that was seen as too risky by the generals. He fought with the 100th Warforged battalion, which were slated to be sent to the scrap heap upon his discharge. Abacus bribed the Warforged commisioner to keep one of them. That saved warforged was 106. Their names and talents still lingered by word of mouth through the cities and villages of Breland.

3 years later, Abacus ran into Jolen. Jolen went on to be a successful armor and weapons dealer/fabricator in Breland. He was exporting well-crafted swords, bows, halberds, etc. to cities across the land, but also putting local blacksmiths out of work. Abacus wasn’t too keen on that, and had an argument with Jolen. Jolen didn’t appreciate the lack of respect much, but was a true friend of Abacus and heard of his weaponry skills, and told him he could come back anytime for weapons and such.

Another 3 years later, Abacus and 106 met Edron and Gilbert in Zilargo. They discussed working together using their wide range of skills and decided to be hired as mercenaries, eventually establishing the Red Door Inn, which would also be the place to go to hire the team for sketchy and perilous missions.


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