Halfling barbarian from the Talenta Plains


Edron Roos is a 25 year old halfling barbarian who grew up in the Talenta Plains as part of the Narvos tribe. The Narvos are a small/distant sister tribe to the great Abramam tribe; the single largest halfling tribe. Edron’s father, Edric, was the last great Lath of the Narvos tribe before he died in the Last War.
The Narvos control a small part of the Talenta plains located between the Ironfoot Mountains and the Endworld Mountains, including the sacred Boneyard. Similar to other Talenta tribes, the Narvos tribe exhibit a traditional hunter-gatherer way of life (“civilization”) moving their herds across the plains in constant pursuit of food, water and better grazing. The tribe rides either Clawfoot or fastieth dinosaur mounts across the plains, keeping their herds of cattle, tribex and herbivorous dinosaur in check as they go.
Special to the Narvos tribe are their glidewing mounts. Glidewings are flying reptilian dinosaurs that are native to the mountains adjacent to the Talenta plains which Narvos tribe control. The Narvos will do a ritualistic hike to the mountains in an attempt to tame a glidewing. Taming a glidewing is more difficult than taming a fastieth and is not as common. The Narvos are not the only tribe with glidewings, but they believe they are the best glidewing riders in all of Khorvaire.
Narvos words: “Fury of the Wild”
Narvos colours: Silver Glide Wing on Crimson.

Weapon: Vanguard
Hands: Dual Threat Gauntlets


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