Nightfalcon Sword

A heirloom blade belonging to Anedra's family, tainted by dark magic

weapon (melee)

Critical: +1d6 necrotic per plus

Power (Daily ::: Necrotic): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target takes ongoing 5 necrotic damage (save ends). Saves made to end this effect take a -2 penalty.


This ancient elven blade was stole from Anedra’s family a century ago. During that time, it was used by the necromancer Kora. It’s tenure in the hands of such a powerful necromancer twisted it, turning its magic toward evil.

Continued use of the blade’s more nefarious properties can harm an unprotected wielder, as well as reinforcing the evil of the blade. Perhaps it can yet be saved…

Nightfalcon Sword

A Second Chance at Redemption anedra