A Second Chance at Redemption

Season 3: Episode #4
Listen Close

Starring: Anedra, Abacus, 106, Rhygar
Featuring: Kattalin, Tomas Dukain
Date: 20th – 22nd Zarantyr 999YK
Loot: 400gp

Yet another new member has been added to the RDM – Rhygar the Bard, offering his angelic songs and healing capabilities. Shortly after, Tomas Dukain brings troubling new about his nephew Vergil, the Baron of the Ardev. They ask the RDM to return the kidnapped Vergil back to Sharn. All the RDM but Edron and Gilbert take off on horseback to Ardev in a blinding blizzard. Tagging along is Kattalin, a liason with the King’s Citadel to inspect the fortress in town.

They arrive at a dilapidated mansion, then soon head into the fortress just outside of town. They head inside the fortress, and are immediately puzzled by the levitating snow on the ceiling and moving and shifting walls. Abacus, Anedra and 106 see a creature pop out of the snow, recognizing it to be a large Carrion Crawler. They decide to attack it and while doing so, it throws 106 and Abacus on the ceiling, reversing their gravity – they are now battling three human-like creatures with changing faces while walking on the ceiling. Out of nowhere, the large creature weilding a hammer reappears and disappears into thin air – things continue to become more and more eerie. 106 grabs the chandelier, cuts the chain, and falls with it, landing on his feet and striking the Carrion Crawler, killing it. Abacus tries to pull 106 back up to the ceiling, but instead 106 pulls Abacus down crashing to the floor. While Abacus is dazed, the large hammer wielding creature delivers a huge blow to Abacus, knocking him unconscious, but the team kill it off before he finishes the job.

The RDM head up the tower to rescue Virgil. Along the way, they hear whispers. Kattalin pockets a textbook while the rest collect potions. Was that what she was after the whole time? They head towards the lit room after set ablaze the previous. Upon entering the room, they witness a painting on a wall that shifts back and forth and a foul odour engulfing the room. Anedra cries out for Vergil, but unintentionally calls out a Beholder – a beast with one large central eye and a dozen others on the tips of his tenticles on his head. Vergil is there, but he doesn’t appear to be himself; his face is shifting and changing, and he is acting very strangely. Out of nowhere a swarm of bugs pops out and starts attacking the RDM. A large battle erupts against the swarm and Beholder. Rhygar ties up Virgil for safety, but he soon escapes and starts heading towards Abacus. Abacus leaps off the top stair and Swanton Bomb’s him, knocking him unconscious. Rhygar then shows how fucking awesome he is by picking up the painting and swats the bugs flat. The Beholder eventually is killed off by Abacus and 106 (what a team!).

The team then recover, and bring Vergil back down the tower partially stunned. They torch the place in the hope that no one will return. While doing so, Kattalin appears from her invisibility and slit his throat against the RDM’s wishes. She vanishes, whispering apologies as she goes. The RDM then collected the 200 gold promised by a saddened Tomas Dukain.

Season 3: Episode #3
Forging Ahead

Starring: Anedra, Edron, Abacus
Featuring: Izaak D’Cannith, Kora Ipsum, Zhakar
Date: 10th – 12th Zarantyr 999YK
Loot: 140gp, discount on Fabricator’s Guild Health Potions

The Red Door Mercenaries (RDM) hire Anedra, a Ranger Elf; the team has now grown to 5. The RDM are hired by Isaac D. Kenneth, a young man who wishes for the RDM to clear out squatters in a forge located in a small town in North Breland. Edron, Abacus and Anedra take the train to town and enter the large tower forge on the side of a hill. They head into the Forge, where they encounter a room filled with dead bodies and inactive warforged. Anedra opens another door in the dark room, where Kora, the mystical vixen of the Ipsum family that Anedra encountered 8 years ago with 106 in a cave while hunting her down.

Kora summons a ghoul, two flaming skeletons, and a giant zombie. As the crew take battle, they notice glowing auras that eminate from the beast’s lacerations and scars that cause damage to the fighters. Kora shows disgust with her demons and takes off. The RDM finish off the demons one by one and take a much needed break.

The three then follow Kora into the next room, which is very dark and appears to have the roof collapsed in some parts to the bottom floor. They slowly scan the room and again find Kora, this time summoning skeleton minions and wolves with Zhakar, a resurrected warforged, next to her side. The minions and wolves attack ferociously. Abacus become severely wounded in battle, but his new hire Anedra comes in to heal him back to his feet. The three continue battling, but a particular wolf continues knawing at Abacus, and once again, he embarassingly becomes unconscious. He is again saved by Anedra. Putting in all their chips, Edron and Abacus show how fucking awesome they are and completly slaughter the wolves, against Anedra’s wishes.

Kora and Zhakar take off in the dark cavern after having their minions die off again by the RDM. The team take another rest, and begin contemplating why Kora was ressurecting the warforged in the forge tower. It had to be for some reason.

Season 3: Episode #2
Long Shadows

Starring: 106, Gilbert, Edron, Abacus
Featuring: Evert Konrad
Date: 26th Vult 998YK
Loot: Executioner’s Axe

106 and Gilbert are taken from prison and sent to the gallows. Before the executioner releases the platform dropping the two, Gilbert calls Puff, his magic dragon, to start wreaking havoc on the executioner and bureaucratic witness, whilst Edron and Abacus start attacking the Watch guards. They starting battling – Edron calls Splug to enter the feud. Splug shoots the executioner dead. Edron knocks one guard over the railing, sending him falling 4 stories to the ground below. The bureaucrat is knocked unconscious by 106, and before the guard sees the same demise by Abacus, he runs off in fear from a darkened presence engulfing the courtyard.

A chanting mage, devoted to the Dark Six enters the courtyard and starts castings minion spirits upon the four, and eventually an enormous flying serpent appears to start causing terror with a poisonous bite. The spirits attack the Red Door Mercenaries and give them a battle to remember every night of Long Shadows to come.

Abacus shows how fucking awesome he is by jumping on the tarps below the gallows and propelling himself atop the flying serpent and starts attacking from above. Edron chases down the mage and eventually decapitates him, while 106 destroys the statue it used to cast spells and spirits upon the party. Once destroyed, the serpent becomes weakened and is defenceless against the mercenaries final blow.

Season 3: Episode #1
Flashback: 990YK

Starring: 106, Anedra, Changeling Bard
Featuring: Jerome, Kora Ipsum
Date: 13th Lharvion 990YK

Season 2: Episode #6
Season Finale

Starring: 106, Gilbert
Featuring: Wilford Kingsley, Evert Konrad, Splug
Date: 25th Vult 998YK
Loot: Dhakaan Throwing Shield

Twas an epic battle! Gilbert and 106 defeated many enemies but in the end, succumbed to the police force of Sharn.

In brief, the events were as follows:

  • We visited Splug in the depths of Sharn for information about where to find (and kill) Wilford Kingsley
  • Splug provided us information for one of his rendezvous locations where we promptly traveled in an attempt to meet him.
  • We found him and a train of guards operating 2 sky coaches and Soarsleds (similar to the flying skateboards from BTTFII).
  • We attacked, (and were kicking his ass), before the Watch came, stopped us, killed us and took us to jail.

We shall see what season three holds…….

ps. we are now lvl 4.
pps. Gilbert is a “bad gnome” who only wants to do good.

Season 2: Episode #5
The Quiet Folk

Starring: 106, Edron
Featuring: Splug
Date: 23rd Vult 998YK
Pseudo Loot: Goblin clan in depths to provide assistance in Sharn when needed.

The events went as follows:

  • We began in Corentin’s house, looting his house (raping and pillaging hahahaha!). We got some new inventory
  • Went to a popular tavern in the Lower City, The Ground Floor in Sharn and battled some goblins and a warerat (all members of the “Quite Folk”. The warerat is still on the loose. IMPORTANT NOTE: Silver stops lycanthrope regeneration. Use a silver gavlenized weapon when encountering these guys
  • Took Dod, one of the goblins, hostage in the tavern. He brought us to the Quite Folk lair.
  • Saw Splug talking and changing money with a very serious hobgoblin.
  • Tried to stealthily kill the guard goblins, but were clumsy.
  • Battled the big bowse, Splug, and battled on a three leveled tower.
  • Encountered Gorb, the nine foot half orge
  • Killed Gorb and knocked Splug unconscious, then negotiated with Splug as to assistance from Goblins in future.

Moving forward: Find Wilford Kingsley and kill him.

Season 2: Episode #4
The Chase is On...

Starring: 106, Edron, Abacus
Featuring: Vartan Taniel, Corentin Psothy
Date: 22nd Vult 998YK

106, Edron and Abacus headed to see Vartan Taniel, a local breeder of clawfeet, to ask more about clawfeet and a little about Splug, the goblin leader of the Quiet Folk gang. After leaving, they headed into Sharn to ask the locals more about Splug or any history of kidnapping or mischief by Splug’s minions.

Upon talking, they noticed some guys following them. 106 camouflageed in garbage, Edron hid behind a box, and Abacus blened in with the locals, “Assassin’s Creed” style. Eventually they ambushed them and went into battle. The team landed some good blows and throws to the gang, but were all knocked out unconscious in the end by a one-sided battle.

They awoke dazed, bloodied and armourless in a dark, cavernous room. 5 hunters riding in with masks on clawfeet rode into the room and noticed Edron walking dazed. They went to prod him harshly where Abacus and 106 steathly knocked off two of the hunters and put on their attire to attempt to blend in with the hunters. Abacus recognized one of the hunters as Vartan. Abacus attempted to bluff for Edron’s safety, but was recognized immediately.

The other hunters started chasing the three into the magma caverns nearby where Abacus knocks a hunter and two clawfeet into the magma pit below, and 106 just destroys a wall and staircase with 2 sticks of TNT and knocks a man to his feet. Abacus, 106 and Edron get up and interrogate the man. His name is Corentin Psothy, a hunter of man for sport. He knows nothing of Splug and his gang, and quickly becomes useless to the three, apart from 106 taking yet another finger for his necklace collection. Corentin is further interrogated and lead the team to his mansion.

Season 2: Episode #3
A Clear Cut Case

Starring: 106, Edron, Gilbert
Featuring: Wilford Kingsley, Rikard
Date: 20th Vult 998YK – 21st Vult 998YK
Loot: 300gp – Payment for services

Season 2: Episode #2
The Depths

Starring: 106, Abacus, Gilbert
Featuring: Dara Pich
Date: 17th Vult 998YK
Loot: 74gp + Dual Threat Guantlets + Pich Family Heirloom

Carl has officially expanded The Red Door Inn into Sharn. He has moved the headquarters to the new location, and welcomes all his old regulars.

Gilbert felt rejected by his clanmates, but returned to Wroat to open a gnome pimping agency, but was eventually turned away due to poor revenue.
Gilbert, Abacus and 106 then met Mrs. Pich, a frightened woman who came to the Red Door Inn to explain that her husband Roland was missing. He worked in the Depths in Sharn. The three went off to look for him for the price of a magical orb inside the depths. There, they defeated ooze creatures and cave fishers, where 106 took a tenticle as a charm. They then treaded into the sewer to see the Lizard people argueing with the rat people. The three spoke with the rats and helped fight off the lizards in the sewer, where Abacus showed how fucking awesome he was. The rat men led the team to Roland’s corpse in the sewer downstream, where a pair of magic gloves were lying which Gilbert picked up.
Further into the sewer, the team encountered Bugbear, where 106 immediately showed how fucking awesome he was. Bugbear went down in humiliation by 106 and Abacus. They headed back to loot Roland’s corpse, but found nothing of value.

The Travels of Gilbert

Starring: Gilbert
Date: 12th Sypheros 998YK – 12th Vult 998YK

Gone for 56 days (2 months), unavailable for jobs. What has Gilbert been up to?


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