A Second Chance at Redemption

Season 2: Episode #1
Dive Right In

Starring: 106, Edron
Featuring: Alec Veasna, Teo
Date: 10th Vult 998YK – 14th Vult 998YK
Loot: 300gp (payment) + 75gp + Lamp of Discerning + 1 marble statuette resembling a shark rising from the waves

Season 1: Episode #8
The Red Hand

Starring: 106, Edron
Featuring: Professor Jowan
Date: 7th Aryth 998YK – 9th Aryth 998YK

Season 1 Overview

Season 1: Episode #7
On the Right Track

Starring: 106, Edron
Featuring: Sinruth, Steam “187”
Date: 7th Aryth 998YK

Season 1: Episode #6
The Doctor is In

Starring: 106, Abacus
Featuring: Dr. Daniil Saveli, Brollo the Alchemist
Date: 22nd Sypheros 998YK

Following the events of this episode, Carl the Innkeep at the Red Door has given the party access to the Royal Suites. These are the two finest rooms that the Red Door has to offer.

Season 1: Episode #5
Red in Tooth and Claw

Starring: 106, Edron, Abacus
Featuring: Alec Veasna
Date: 16th Sypheros 998YK – 17th Sypheros 998YK

Season 1: Episode #4
On the Road

Starring: Gilbert, Edron
Featuring: Iria d’Orien, 148
Date: 7th Sypheros 998YK – 10th Sypheros 998YK

Season 1: Episode #2
Return of the Blacktooth Gang

Starring: Warforged Fighter, Gilbert, Edron
Date: 24th Rhaan – 28th Rhaan

Season 1: Episode #1
Pilot - The Ruins of Fort Tansend

Starring: Warforged Fighter, Half-elf Warlord

Case Report #EX234
Captain Nalan
20th Rhaan, 998

Scouts reported kobold attacks south of town. We tracked them down to Fort Tansend, where the beasts had fortified the old ruins. Apparently they’re calling themselves the Blacktooth Gang.
Unfortunately, the Guard is shorthanded, so I had to bring in outside help. A half-elf and his warforged have recently been doing some work around town. Military men, they seem capable. I hired them to take out the kobolds; it’ll save the Guard some men if they die. Maybe they’ll even finish the job.

Case Report #EX234
Captain Nalan
21st Rhaan, 998

Those two came back today, bloodied and battered. Sounds like they cleared out the Fort. They set off the alarms on the approach, gave the little buggers a chance. Not how I’d do it. They’re bold, I’ll give them that. Dispatched the two sentries out front. Inside, they said the kobolds had been living there awhile. Filled the place with shoddy weaponry, stockpiled food, even had some potions. They killed 5 more inside the Fort, even one who rode a wolf. Said that the one on the wolf lanced them, like a proper knight.
Our scouts indicated that there should have been more. Where’s the leadership? Kobolds don’t work on a democracy, that’s for sure. There had to be one of them smarter than the rest. I bet they escaped when they heard the alarms go off. I might have to send these “consultants” out again if I hear more about this Blacktooth Gang.

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