A Second Chance at Redemption

Season 2: Episode #3
A Clear Cut Case

Starring: 106, Edron, Gilbert
Featuring: Wilford Kingsley, Rikard
Date: 20th Vult 998YK – 21st Vult 998YK
Loot: 300gp – Payment for services

Season 2: Episode #2
The Depths

Starring: 106, Abacus, Gilbert
Featuring: Dara Pich
Date: 17th Vult 998YK
Loot: 74gp + Dual Threat Guantlets + Pich Family Heirloom

Carl has officially expanded The Red Door Inn into Sharn. He has moved the headquarters to the new location, and welcomes all his old regulars.

Gilbert felt rejected by his clanmates, but returned to Wroat to open a gnome pimping agency, but was eventually turned away due to poor revenue.
Gilbert, Abacus and 106 then met Mrs. Pich, a frightened woman who came to the Red Door Inn to explain that her husband Roland was missing. He worked in the Depths in Sharn. The three went off to look for him for the price of a magical orb inside the depths. There, they defeated ooze creatures and cave fishers, where 106 took a tenticle as a charm. They then treaded into the sewer to see the Lizard people argueing with the rat people. The three spoke with the rats and helped fight off the lizards in the sewer, where Abacus showed how fucking awesome he was. The rat men led the team to Roland’s corpse in the sewer downstream, where a pair of magic gloves were lying which Gilbert picked up.
Further into the sewer, the team encountered Bugbear, where 106 immediately showed how fucking awesome he was. Bugbear went down in humiliation by 106 and Abacus. They headed back to loot Roland’s corpse, but found nothing of value.

The Travels of Gilbert

Starring: Gilbert
Date: 12th Sypheros 998YK – 12th Vult 998YK

Gone for 56 days (2 months), unavailable for jobs. What has Gilbert been up to?

Season 2: Episode #1
Dive Right In

Starring: 106, Edron
Featuring: Alec Veasna, Teo
Date: 10th Vult 998YK – 14th Vult 998YK
Loot: 300gp (payment) + 75gp + Lamp of Discerning + 1 marble statuette resembling a shark rising from the waves

Season 1: Episode #8
The Red Hand

Starring: 106, Edron
Featuring: Professor Jowan
Date: 7th Aryth 998YK – 9th Aryth 998YK

Season 1 Overview

Season 1: Episode #7
On the Right Track

Starring: 106, Edron
Featuring: Sinruth, Steam “187”
Date: 7th Aryth 998YK

Season 1: Episode #6
The Doctor is In

Starring: 106, Abacus
Featuring: Dr. Daniil Saveli, Brollo the Alchemist
Date: 22nd Sypheros 998YK

Following the events of this episode, Carl the Innkeep at the Red Door has given the party access to the Royal Suites. These are the two finest rooms that the Red Door has to offer.

Season 1: Episode #5
Red in Tooth and Claw

Starring: 106, Edron, Abacus
Featuring: Alec Veasna
Date: 16th Sypheros 998YK – 17th Sypheros 998YK

Season 1: Episode #4
On the Road

Starring: Gilbert, Edron
Featuring: Iria d’Orien, 148
Date: 7th Sypheros 998YK – 10th Sypheros 998YK

Season 1: Episode #2
Return of the Blacktooth Gang

Starring: Warforged Fighter, Gilbert, Edron
Date: 24th Rhaan – 28th Rhaan


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