Tag: Breland


  • Captain Nalan

    Human, Captain of the Guard in Baran's Keep. Nalan is a veteran of the Last War. As an officer in the [[Breland | Brelish]] Border Guard, Nalan commanded troops that defended the mountains from attacks by [[Cyre]].

  • Rand Devir

    Rand is the proprietor of the Wroat Racing Track, just to the east of Wroat. He is a wealthy human, fond of fastieth racing.

  • Alec Veasna

    Wealthy noble living most of the year in Wroat. He owns and operates a large fishing company, which works primarily in the [[Dagger River]] and [[The Hilt]].

  • Brollo

    Brollo is a pleasant, heavy set human living in Baran's Keep. He owns and operates "Brollo's Elixirs and Such", the local alchemy shop.

  • Steam "187"

    Steam was once part of same unit as [[:warforged-fighter | 106]] and [[:half-elf-warlord | Abacus]], originally called 187. He now works in Wroat under the name Steam, his own choice.

  • Wilford Kingsley

    Wilford Kingsley is the President and CEO of Kingsley Skycoaches, a transport service in Sharn. He is fairly wealthy, with a nice home in Oak Towers, Upper Northedge.

  • Rikard

    A burly mercenary working for [[:wilford-kingsley | Wilford Kingsley]] in Skyraker Forest.

  • Izaak D'Cannith

    Izaak is cousin to [[:merrix-d-cannith-3 | Merrix D'Cannith]], leader of the Breland Enclave of House [[Cannith]]. He is a tinker and an alchemist, but is also responsible for many administrative tasks in the enclave.

  • Marco Vitale

    Marco is known as the patriarch of the Vitale family. He has retired from leading at the fore front of the gang, and now merely advises. He is married to Maria Vitale, and has a son named [[:lucius-vitale|Lucius]]. The Vitale Family is a large …