Tag: Sharn


  • Dara Pich

    Dara lives almost in the Depths. Her husband, Roland, has gone missing.

  • Wilford Kingsley

    Wilford Kingsley is the President and CEO of Kingsley Skycoaches, a transport service in Sharn. He is fairly wealthy, with a nice home in Oak Towers, Upper Northedge.

  • Vartan Taniel

    Vartan is a moderately wealthy business man in [[Sharn]]. He is a hunting enthusiast, and an amateur clawfoot breeder.

  • Corentin Psothy

    Business man living in Sharn. Was captured by the party while engaging in hunting "the most dangerous game" in the Depths. Was ultimately robbed by the party.

  • Splug

    Leader of the Quiet Folk, a mostly goblin gang operating in the Depths of Sharn. Splug is a goblin known for his spells. He rose to the top through sheer cunning. After fighting him, it seems as though he is also a wererat, as are perhaps many of the …

  • Marco Vitale

    Marco is known as the patriarch of the Vitale family. He has retired from leading at the fore front of the gang, and now merely advises. He is married to Maria Vitale, and has a son named [[:lucius-vitale|Lucius]]. The Vitale Family is a large …

  • Lucius Vitale

    Uncle to [[:jay-vitale | Jay Vitale]], and the son of [[:marco-vitale | Marco Vitale]]. Lucius is the current head of the Vitale family. Featured in [[Season 4 Episode 1 | Season 4 Episode 1]].

  • Jay Vitale

    Nephew to [[:lucius-vitale | Lucius Vitale]], grandson to [[:marco-vitale | Marco Vitale]]. Renowned trouble maker, Jay likes to live a "rough" life below his wealthy station. He can often be found slumming it in seedy taverns, mixing it up with gangster, …