Tag: deceased


  • 106

    Possible Backstory: Made for war, he served under [[:half-elf-warlord | Half-elf Warlord]] in the [[Breland | Brelish]] army. When the War ended, he had no where to go. Destined to be sent to labour camps, his old captain smuggled him out, and together …

  • Sinruth

    Sinruth used to work for the Brelish army, in the same unit as [[:half-elf-warlord | Abacus]] and [[:warforged-fighter | 106]]. He seems to be up to something else now though...

  • Vartan Taniel

    Vartan is a moderately wealthy business man in [[Sharn]]. He is a hunting enthusiast, and an amateur clawfoot breeder.