Tag: patron


  • Rand Devir

    Rand is the proprietor of the Wroat Racing Track, just to the east of Wroat. He is a wealthy human, fond of fastieth racing.

  • Alec Veasna

    Wealthy noble living most of the year in Wroat. He owns and operates a large fishing company, which works primarily in the [[Dagger River]] and [[The Hilt]].

  • Izaak D'Cannith

    Izaak is cousin to [[:merrix-d-cannith-3 | Merrix D'Cannith]], leader of the Breland Enclave of House [[Cannith]]. He is a tinker and an alchemist, but is also responsible for many administrative tasks in the enclave.

  • Lucius Vitale

    Uncle to [[:jay-vitale | Jay Vitale]], and the son of [[:marco-vitale | Marco Vitale]]. Lucius is the current head of the Vitale family. Featured in [[Season 4 Episode 1 | Season 4 Episode 1]].