On this page you’ll find job requests, rumours and clues for upcoming work available to the Red Door. Each Jobs entry is for a possible episode. In any given week, you can choose which one you wish to investigate, and that will be the week’s episode.

The Rumours section details rumours and news that you have heard around town. At this time, these will not take up an entire episode. You can investigate them between episodes, or a little bit during an episode. Eventually, they may develop into a job; some only if you investigate a little, while others will get there all by themselves.

Also below is a list of tag lines for potential upcoming episodes.


  • I need about a week to plan for it. If you haven’t let me know by that time, the next episode will be whatever I can prepare. It may be your choice, it might not. If you’re too late, that job will be the following episode.
  • Be careful what you choose. Certain story arcs will progress with or without your intervention. If you choose to ignore the main arc of a season, it will continue without you, and you may find yourself in a tricky situation.


  1. The talk around Cliffside is that there have been a number of riots lately. Some say the rioters are protesting poor wages and working conditions on the docks. Others say that rioters have a zeal that goes beyond mere protest. Otto, a dock supervisor at Cliffside is looking for help investigating.
  2. Roan, Breland Mercantile Shipmaster, has sought your help. There’s a ghost ship out in the waters around Breland, sacking ships every month. It appears in a cloud of fog, kills the crew and steals the cargo. The men are saying it’s the ghost of the HMS Dread Spectre with Captain Wilhelm at the helm.
  3. A researcher at Morgrave University has noticed a strange illness spreading throughout neighbourhoods in Lower Sharn. She has brought this to the attention of the Watch, but has been ignored. She seeks help investigating the cause.


  1. There have been a rash of murders and fights across Sharn lately. It is believed that these are gang related.
  2. Across the upper areas of Sharn there is a growing anti-warforged sentiment. Many wealthier business owners no longer serve to the ’forged, and there are increased reports of ’forged deaths in some seedier areas. Gunnar Kai continues to make precedent setting rulings against warforged, and campaigning for segregation.
  3. The winter months have been unseasonably dry in many of the Five Nations. As summer approaches, the impacts of a growing drought increase.
  4. The Ludmilla Caravan of Otherworldly Delights, a hit new travelling carnival and menagerie has announced a stop in Sharn in the summer of 999YK.
  5. A new wave of art has taken hold of Sharn. These paintings and sculptures are strange, erratic, and wild in appearance. They tend to feature a lot of bold colours and strange shapes arranged in a tangled mass

Tag Lines

A Bump in the Dark
The HMS Dread Spectre


A Second Chance at Redemption Gmill