Zilargo is the land of gnomes, a colourful land filled with magic, music, and some of the most peaceful cities in Khorvaire. Visitors are met with warm greetings and hospitality, so long as they stay out of trouble. Underneath the surface churns an engine of mystery, intrigue and conspiracy. Residents of Zilargo have little tolerance for violence and disturbance of their idyllic peace; troublemakers run the risk of disappearing forever.


Trolanport is the capital of Zilargo. A massive port city, Trolanport is occupied by many races and nationalities, a true hub of economy. This is the heart of the gnomish shipbuilding trade. The Triumvirate rules from Trolanport.


The City of Knowledge, Korranberg is the seat of House Sivis. This large city is a haven for the learned and a temple to the written word.

The Trust

The Trust is an order of secret police and spies, beholden only to the Triumvirate. They are charged with keeping the peace in the streets by any means necessary. The Trust has eyes everywhere.


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