In the wake of the Last War, the world of Eberron struggles to find its destiny. Nations hold an outward appearance of peace, while conflict roils under the surface. The continent of Khorvaire teeters on the brink, a knife’s edge separating total war from peace and prosperity.

Even now, a group of would-be adventurers struggle to recover from the ravages of the Last War. Putting their troubled pasts behind them, they attempt to forge a new way in this world, hopefully creating a new name for themselves. Will they be known as heroes, defenders of the just, vanquishers of evil? Or will they die unknown, left to rot in the shame of the errors of their past?

Welcome to your wiki!

This is where you’ll be able to find most everything about our new campaign. I’ll post news about what I’m planning, you’ll find information on people you’ve met and places you’ve been. Your characters are here for you to keep track of. You can keep a log of your adventures to remember at a future date.

Key Pages

wiki – Where the details can be found
Company Funds – Your log of the money in your pocket
Rewards – Details on the reward system for participating in the log and lore
Jobs – New page! This is where I’ll post snippets of possible jobs for you to choose which you want to pursue.
Leveling up – What to do at each level

Special Assignments

This is where I’ll post some extra-curricular stuff you guys can work on if you want. Every completed assignment gets you loot you can use in game, as well as more sessions centered around your character.

  1. Think of a couple ways to develop the personality of your character. This might mean certain situations, conflicts, or troubles that can test your character, making him/her grow. I’ll try to work these into the game, making for some good RP situations.
  2. Using the backstory provided (or one of your own devising) make up two people from your character’s past: one ally, friend or colleague; one enemy, nemesis, rival, or bully. Make a brief writeup about them on your character page, describing your history with them.
  3. Think of one or two things that you want for your character. Think of a direction you want your story to develop. Think of cool scenes, or awesome things you want to do.
  4. Does your character have a dark secret the others don’t know? If you want something that might be a twist, or have an idea, let me know.



Have a good break everyone! We’ll come back for Season 4 in 2013.


And we’re back! Only to leave again for the holidays. Well, Season 3 is over at least!

Kora lays slain in the depth of Avanzel, her army of the animated dead returned to a shallow grave. Anedra has recovered an ancestral blade, stolen by Kora centuries ago. Some of the power of Avanzel now rests with Anedra, but is it a blessing or a curse?. A powerful artifact is held by the party, the Focus, able to greatly amplify arcane magic. Zorlan D’Cannith remains loose as of yet, possibly still creating warforged illegally from the souls of the dead.

We’ll try for one more episode, possibly led by Phil. In January we’ll start again with Season 4.


Congratulations on level 5! You can find information on leveling up here.


Season 3 is well under way. Welcome to Rhygar and Anedra, the newest members of the party.
The group is always looking for new work, new jobs and new adventures. Check out the jobs page to see what’s coming.

JULY 25TH 2012

Season 2 ends with a twist and a cliffhanger! The hunting ring set up by Wilford Kingsley has been broken up, most of the members killed. However, Kingsley has escaped when the Sharn Watch arrived. 106 and Gilbert have been captured and will be tried for murder.
Level 4! Next week we’ll introduce new players/characters.

JUNE 11TH 2012

Check out Phil’s Season 1 Overview.

MAY 30TH 2012
Congratulations on the end of Season 1 and for reaching level 3! The Red Hand has been defeated, the mystery of the warforged murders is solved. An entry for the season finale log Season 1: Episode #8 gets a bonus Prestige Point. Consider some level 3 powers in the mean time. Also, the reward system is now under operation, so extra participation will be rewarded, not just with my appreciation but with in-game benefits.

Adventure Logs

I have filled out the log for the first adventure for you. From now on, that will be your responsibility. You can do it however you want; a brief retelling from the third person, your character’s interpretation of what happened, or anything else you can think of. Writing a log, or adding pretty much anything to the wiki will be rewarded. Keeping up with the logs helps everyone remember what’s happened in the past, and gets you guys more involved with the game, which ultimately makes it more enjoyable for everyone. The more you put in the more you get out.

Character Pages

I’ve created character pages for each of you. I’ve included a picture and a possible back story for you. If you don’t like either of those, you can change them. If you are making your own back story, I can send you a book that will help you with the setting. I only ask that you have something shameful in your character’s past, something that he’s running or hiding from. Otherwise, feel free to run with what I’ve provided, make it your own.

A Second Chance at Redemption

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