A Second Chance at Redemption

Season 2: Episode #5

The Quiet Folk

Starring: 106, Edron
Featuring: Splug
Date: 23rd Vult 998YK
Pseudo Loot: Goblin clan in depths to provide assistance in Sharn when needed.

The events went as follows:

  • We began in Corentin’s house, looting his house (raping and pillaging hahahaha!). We got some new inventory
  • Went to a popular tavern in the Lower City, The Ground Floor in Sharn and battled some goblins and a warerat (all members of the “Quite Folk”. The warerat is still on the loose. IMPORTANT NOTE: Silver stops lycanthrope regeneration. Use a silver gavlenized weapon when encountering these guys
  • Took Dod, one of the goblins, hostage in the tavern. He brought us to the Quite Folk lair.
  • Saw Splug talking and changing money with a very serious hobgoblin.
  • Tried to stealthily kill the guard goblins, but were clumsy.
  • Battled the big bowse, Splug, and battled on a three leveled tower.
  • Encountered Gorb, the nine foot half orge
  • Killed Gorb and knocked Splug unconscious, then negotiated with Splug as to assistance from Goblins in future.

Moving forward: Find Wilford Kingsley and kill him.



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