A Second Chance at Redemption

Season 2: Episode #6

Season Finale

Starring: 106, Gilbert
Featuring: Wilford Kingsley, Evert Konrad, Splug
Date: 25th Vult 998YK
Loot: Dhakaan Throwing Shield

Twas an epic battle! Gilbert and 106 defeated many enemies but in the end, succumbed to the police force of Sharn.

In brief, the events were as follows:

  • We visited Splug in the depths of Sharn for information about where to find (and kill) Wilford Kingsley
  • Splug provided us information for one of his rendezvous locations where we promptly traveled in an attempt to meet him.
  • We found him and a train of guards operating 2 sky coaches and Soarsleds (similar to the flying skateboards from BTTFII).
  • We attacked, (and were kicking his ass), before the Watch came, stopped us, killed us and took us to jail.

We shall see what season three holds…….

ps. we are now lvl 4.
pps. Gilbert is a “bad gnome” who only wants to do good.



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