A Second Chance at Redemption

Season 3: Episode #6

Dawn of the Dead

Starring: Edron, 106, Rhygar
Featuring: Kora Ipsum, Zhakar
Date: 21st – 25th Olarune 999YK
Loot: 110gp + Antique silver plates + Circlet of Second Chances
Clues: Zhakar thanked 106 for killing him, said he’d lived another life, that this one was torture. Rhygar suggested that Zorlan was using souls of humans and other mortals to animate the warforged.

SO Kora’s a bitch, let me tell you why…

We heard of rumors of undead warriors roaming the land of Breland in the night. Kora was summoning an army.
We heard she was planning on massing the army to Baran’s Keep, in an attempt to acquire an ancient necromantic artifact in the basement of the Keep. 100’s of zombies stormed the town. We built fortifications and traps in an attempt to stop the army, trained the citizens to fight, and gave inspiring speeches, but were pushed back to the keep to hold off the army. Once they breached, we were attacked by Kora’s second hand man, Zhakar, a ghostly apparition and an undead wolf. Edron nearly had his soul devoured by the wraith, but was saved at the last minute. We deafeated the creatures, however Kora escaped with the artifact, unharmed. What a bitch. We got some gold, and some loot, but Kora will be killed soon.



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